Sinatra Bar & Restaurant, Nottingham

Yesterday evening we went to Sinatra’s as a second celebration of Keith’s birthday with his mum, stepdad and brother. We’d not been to Sinatra’s for years since the first time we’d been to celebrate our anniversary in October 2013. That makes it at least 3 years since!

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Return to ZAAP Thai Street Food, Nottingham

Its been about 8 months since our last visit to ZAAP! We decided to visit on Keith’s birthday as an impromptu visit. Upon entry it still looks as busy as ever even though it was a weekday evening. We were seated quite promptly in one of the rickshaw tables.

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The Marina Cafe by Mason and Mason, Long Eaton

As we’d only moved to Long Eaton in September we’re still struggling to wean ourselves off dining in the Nottingham city centre. However, as my husband knows quite a few people in Long Eaton we’re not short of recommendations! The Marina Cafe was recommended to us by my husband’s boss. Its situated at the Sawley Marina in Long Eaton.

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The Folly, Oxford

On Saturday it was my brother-in-law’s birthday so his girlfriend booked a table for us at The Folly in Oxford where they live. Its a lovely little restaurant/cafe that’s under the Folly Bridge. You go down some stairs on the Folly Bridge where you can find the restaurant. Its terrace floats on the River Thames and you can actually get on a cruise that leaves from the terrace if you so wish.

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The Hockley Arts Club, Nottingham

The Hockley Arts Club is a relatively new place having just opened at the end of 2015. We’d heard a lot about it but never had the chance to visit. Especially since we don’t really drink. My husband booked it for Sunday lunch one weekend as we wanted to give it a shot.

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Restaurant at The Bonham Hotel, Edinburgh

We went to the Restaurant at The Bonham Hotel for our 1st wedding anniversary dinner. I’d booked it on the recommendation of some kind people on the Tripadvisor forum for Edinburgh.

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ZAAP Thai Street Food, Nottingham *Updated*

ZAAP opened at the end of last year in Nottingham on the ground floor of the Kaplan Residences on Maid Marian Way. Its a restaurant that serves Thai street food and this is their second branch with the first being in Leeds. Keith had visited previously with some work colleagues so decided to bring me to try it this Saturday just gone.

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The Boat House, Edinburgh

After our trip on the Maid of the Forth we headed further into the little village that was near the pier. Keith found The Boat House on a list of recommendations on Tripadvisor while we were on the boat out to Inchcolm Island. We therefore decided to have lunch there.

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Revolution Hockley, Nottingham

Revolution Hockley is one of the many restaurant/bars that belong to the chain of Vodka Revolutions. This is our favourite as its a street down from where we live and since they refurbished the place its been a very nice place to eat and/or drink!

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