Red’s True Barbecue, Nottingham

In early March we visited Red’s True Barbecue with a group of friends. For Keith and I it was our second time in quite a few years since it had opened. We went on a Saturday which as you can imagine required quite a long waiting time as its quite a popular and busy place but for some reason did not allow us to reserve a table. However luckily they have a system in place that allows customers to go away for a while and get a notification when their table is ready.

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Griddle and Shake, Nottingham

On Saturday the 26th of November 2016 I went to one of the newer restaurants the Lace Market has to offer, Griddle and Shake which opened early in November. The restaurant is owned by Michelin trained chef, Ed Halls. On this occasion my husband and I went with our friend who was back in Nottingham for a quick visit. I’d been recommended this restaurant by a work colleague who really enjoyed her experience. Our experience wasn’t the best but its been over a month since we’d been so hopefully its improved since then.

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Revolution Hockley, Nottingham

Revolution Hockley is one of the many restaurant/bars that belong to the chain of Vodka Revolutions. This is our favourite as its a street down from where we live and since they refurbished the place its been a very nice place to eat and/or drink!

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Annie’s Burger Shack, Nottingham

The first time I’d heard about Annie’s was when Annie left the Navigation Inn in Nottingham to set up her own premises in the Lace Market. I heard loads about her amazing burgers when she’d been in the Navigation Inn so was quite looking forward to trying her burgers on her own premises.

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