About Me

My name is Ashley Hobson. I am a Malaysian Chinese who has lived in Nottingham, UK since 2007. I currently live in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire with my British husband, Keith, and our large domestic moggy, Neko.

We are an accountant couple who eats out so regularly that we’ve gained a reputation among some of our friends as the couple to ask for food recommendations in Nottingham. Some have also said we don’t own a kitchen (we only eat out on weekends!).

I will also be writing reviews on hotels, attractions and services as they are things we regularly enjoy due to visiting friends up and down the country and also having the pleasure and good fortune of going on holidays (not as often as we’d like but still!).

If you wish to contact me you can do so via my twitter account @actn88 or leave a comment for me on one of my posts!

You can also find some of these blog posts in a more condensed format on Tripadvisor where I post under the account actn88.



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