The Potting Shed Café Restaurant, Lichfield

This weekend we visited the Potting Shed Café Restaurant for Keith’s godmother’s birthday celebration meal. There was 10 of us (8 adults and 2 under 2s). My mother-in-law booked it and from all accounts it was fairly easy to do.

The café/restaurant is situated in the Plant Pot Garden Centre in Lichfield.

The first impression you get is a lovely little café with lots of windows for natural light to enter the room. Its also a very bustling, busy place. There was a constant stream of people in the 3-4 hours that we were there and I didn’t see too many empty tables. There are lots of shelves where you can buy little knick knacks as well (Baby H grabbed a little wooden duck off the shelves so we bought it for £4.80).

They serve breakfast until 11.30am and lunch from 11.30am onwards.

I had the Pan fried scallops to start and the King prawn linguini. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the linguini was delicious although very oily!

Baby H had the Pasta and cheese (basically macaroni cheese). She unfortunately did not touch it as she’s going through a fussy phase but Keith and I had it and it was very nice! The portion is massive though for a kids meal.

I then had an oreo cake for dessert which was quite tasty.

Everyone really enjoyed their meals but service was a little hit and miss. All the meals took a long time to arrive and a few times we actually had to just go up to the counter to get someone to take an order or ask for something. When Baby H’s little cousin knocked over a glass of water, none of the staff came over with towels or anything either to help mop up.

Overall the food was good but the service could use some work. The total bill came up to £180 for 9 people eating and drinking which is pretty decent!

Baby facilities:
1. Highchair – we booked these in advance
2. Changing – decent facilities

Helpful links:
The Potting Shed Café –

Service – 2.5
Food – 4.0
Value – 4.0
Overall – 3.5

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