Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, Halifax

Our little girl is showing to be quite clever and inquisitive so we’ve been looking for things to do to stimulate her little mind and help her development along. My husband suggested Eureka! as a place to take her so off we went! Its an interactive museum based in Halifax which was a fairly easy drive for us from Nottingham.

The car park is fairly large but is right next to the museum so its not that large a trek to get to the museum. Parking costs £3.20 for 4 hours and £6.40 for 12 hours.

Tickets currently cost:
Under 1 – Free
1-2 years – £5.95
3+ years – £13.95
15+ years – £13.95

Each ticket gets you a free Annual Pass (unlimited free visits for 12 months) as long as you set it up after your visit. We didn’t try to set it up until a few weeks later when they’d deleted all our details from the system so we were unable to get an annual pass unfortunately.

The museum is divided into several sections.

Ground Floor

Sound SpaceLearn about sound and how to make it. Lots of buttons and screens
Spark GalleryLearn about interactive technology. It was a lot of motion triggered lighting when we went (Across 2 floors)
Living and Working TogetherThis is a really interesting section. Its basically like a mini town that allows your children to role play different activities like shop in a M&S, do some banking in a Halifax bank, housework in a home, repairs in a garage, etc. (Across 2 floors)

First Floor

All About MeThis space teaches all about the human body. There is a section where they talk about doctors visits, pregnancy, birth, the mouth, ears, eyes, etc.
Creativity Space (Under 5s)We didn’t enter this bit but it just looks to be an arts and crafts bit
Desert Discovery (Under 5s)Sounds and smells of the desert. Baby H just wanted to toddle round then wanted to get out.

So other bits we didn’t venture into was the theatre as Baby H won’t sit still long enough to watch anything really.

Outside you also have a train carriage that you can take them into.

Its all very interesting but everything was just a little bit too old for her I think. She was only 16 months old but a lot of the interactive stuff was out of reach for someone so little. It was all fairly overwhelming for her as well with all the older children running around. She did enjoy walking around and she really liked the Spark Gallery with a all the lights and playing on the giant tongue in the All About Me section.

The café was decent as well with a fairly simple but varied menu that does cater quite well to children. We had burgers while Baby H had fish fingers with chips and peas.

We’ll definitely be back but I think it will have to wait until she’s at least 2 or 3 years old for her to get the full benefit of this interesting museum!

Baby facilities:
1. Changing – very close to the entrance, just past the café you have a disabled loo with a changing table but there is a changing table in each of the mens and womens loos which is brilliant.
2. Accessibility – there is an elevator that allows you to go upstairs but there are buggy parks just outside the café, in Sound Space (next to the Coat Rail) and just outside Desert Discovery if you wanted to leave your buggy.

Helpful links:
Eureka! –

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