Land’s End Landmark, Cornwall

I’d been to Land’s End about a decade ago with my parents but it was in the middle of winter and thick fog so I was keen to go again. Keith had never been so we thought we’d give it a go. Land’s End is the most westerly point in the UK.

You have to pay £6 in cash to park up so make sure you have the cash on you as you won’t be allowed entry into the car park until you do so. The landmark basically has several shops set up (clothes, souvenirs, food and drink), cafe/restaurant, 4D cinema, etc. You are then able to walk along some nature trails.

The thing most people would want to see however is the iconic signpost. Its owned by a family who will take photos of you with the sign for a fee. They’ll change it to show a distance from your home city, a message, or anything you want that will fit onto the sign. It cost us £10 for a 7 x 5 photo to be posted within 14 days. I believe it was £12 for a bigger print. The photographer also helped us take a digital photo with our mobile phone so we had a digital version.

Overall as an attraction its probably quite unremarkable. It’s still quite interesting to be able to say you’ve been to the most westerly point in the UK though.

Baby facilities:
1. Changing – there are facilities at the entrance. Its quite a narrow room but it was functional.
2. Accessibility – everywhere we wanted to go we were able to take the pushchair

Helpful links:
Land’s End –

Value -3.0
Overall – 3.0

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