Bendigo Lounge, Nottingham

We visited Bendigo Lounge today to meet up with some friends. It wasn’t to have a meal so I’m afraid I can’t comment too much on their actual meals. We had drinks and sundaes. The sundaes were very delicious. Service from most of the staff was decent.

My review on this place at the moment however is purely on the treatment we received from a member of staff on arrival which left a sour taste in our mouths. We were 4 adults and 2 infants so we had pushchairs with us. Therefore we were looking for some tables where we could fit a pushchair on either end. There was a fair amount of dithering from us as a table for 6 which would have accommodated us had a reserved sign on it. All the staff were busy at that moment so we couldn’t ask. We then tried to move some tables together but were then interrupted by one of the staff (we think he might have been a manager) who very tersely asked us “what’s wrong with the tables?”. After explaining the large table had a reserved sign on it we were told that it wasn’t really reserved. Everything about his manner and attitude made us feel like we were being a huge inconvenience trying to find a table that we could fit pushchairs around but not be in the way of anyone.

I’m not sure I’d rush back to be honest after the attitude we faced. I shall however keep an open mind and potentially go back to actually try their food. If we go back I shall post an updated review.

Baby facilities:
Changing – baby change is in the disabled toilet. Fairly clean although the changing table was quite narrow.

Helpful links:
Bendigo Lounge –

Service – 2.0
Food – 3.0
Value – 3.0
Overall – 2.5

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