St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall (National Trust)

St Michael’s Mount is located in Marazion. Its basically a castle and gardens located on a little island that is accessible by boat or on foot using the causeway.

We parked at Follyfield Car Park which is a short walk away from the causeway and the landing points for boats. Just be aware that they charge about £4 at the entrance regardless of National Trust membership so you’ll need cash on you. The staff will also give you directions to the landing points for boats which is helpful.

Access to the causeway is only when the tide is down so if you wish to take this route you’ll need to check the available times. Unfortunately we weren’t able to use it when we went so by boat it was!

The boat costs £2 per adult one way and £1 per child although Baby H was free as an infant. The journey took maybe about 15 minutes? Its not long at all.

Upon arrival you go to the ticket office to purchase admission. As National Trust members it was obviously free for us so we were able to head straight over to the entrance in order to have a member of staff scan our cards.

The walk up to the castle and gardens was quite steep and the walkway is composed almost entirely of cobblestones. As it had been raining that day that meant that the climb up was quite perilous. My heart was constantly in my mouth as I was constantly slipping around and had to take it very very slowly.

We had a look round the castle which was quite well kept and well preserved. Volunteers we met around were very knowledgeable. The lady at the entrance met us at the end and even gave Baby H a little St Michael’s Mount medal which was a lovely little touch. We couldn’t visit the gardens as we arrived during the last entry for both the castle and the gardens. We could see the gardens from the castle though.

Baby facilities:
1. Changing – There are facilities when you get off the boat next to the gift shop but we didn’t use them. There is also a space to park your pushchair as it wouldn’t be at all advisable to take it up to the castle and gardens.
2. Accessibility – It is not accessible at all for pushchairs and even wheelchairs as the walkway is steep and uneven so I wouldn’t even recommend bringing your pushchair onto the island. I’m not even sure how we’d have fitted the pushchair onto the boat.

Helpful links:
St Michael’s Mount –

Value – 4.0
Overall – 4.0

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