Lappa Valley Steam Railway, Cornwall

Another attraction that was close to our cottage was the Lappa Valley Steam Railway. We thought it’d be a decent place to kill a few more hours and also give Baby H her first experience of a steam train!

You head straight for the Ticket Office in order to pay for admission. Adult tickets are £12.95 each and children under 3 go free. The Ticket Office also doubles up as a gift shop. You then head out onto the platform to wait for the train into the park.

The little steam train takes you through a wooded area to get to the park. I’m sorry to say but there was nothing interesting about this journey. And once you get to the park it was similarly as disappointing. There are 2 more little railways, a play area, a canoeing lake, crazy golf and a nature trail. Unfortunately only young children would probably find this place fun and interesting. 2 adults and an infant definitely found it immensely boring. We had an hour to kill until the train came back to take us back to the entrance so we took a swan boat out on the lake.

Considering what this place is, spending approximately £26 was definitely not worth it and is a rip off. There are more interesting places in Cornwall to take your children to.

Baby facilities:
1. Changing – there are changing facilities on each end of the park. I refused to use the one that is in the park as it was simply a changing mat on a grubby counter and looked immensely unhygienic.
2. Accessibility – we could have brought the pushchair as the steam train had some special carriages with ramps that can fit pushchairs and wheelchairs but we opted not to bother.

Helpful links:
Lappa Valley Steam Railway –

Value – 1.0
Overall – 1.0

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