Jameson’s Abbeydale Road Tearoom, Sheffield

Over the weekend I hosted a joint baby shower for my 2 sister in laws at Jamesons’s as Baby H is due 2 cousins within a month of each other (both mine and Keith’s brothers are expecting). We chose Sheffield as it was a nice middle meet up.

My brother in law lives in Sheffield and helped me scout out several venues for the event. He found Jameson’s through recommendations on Tripadvisor. I rang up on a Saturday in February to book a table for 16 and was told they would ring me back to confirm since it was such a large booking. However I didn’t receive a call back and had to ring back myself. I spoke to a manager who booked us in for 15 adults + 1 infant with the Traditional Afternoon Tea preordered. I was promised a menu via email in case we wanted a different order but never received one despite ringing back a few weeks later as well as requesting it via email. Making changes to the booking was easily done via telephone to drop the headcount to 13 adults + 1 infant.

Upon arrival at our 11.30am booking we were shown to our table. Our guests trickled in and everyone including the guests of honour were settled by 11.50am. Our drinks orders were taken (you get loose leaf tea or coffee with the afternoon tea) and they also gave me some hot water upon request to warm up Baby H’s purée.

The afternoon teas were then brought out. They brought out the scones and sandwiches which were all quite delicious. Fairly well presented although some of the sandwiches were a little messy as they’re cut into fairly narrow strips.

Our table’s only complaint was that although we were sat there a fair while after eating the scones and sandwiches, nobody came to tell us about the cakes and we were actually told to vacate the table 10 minutes before they needed it back. We also then had to go over to the counter to pick a slice of cake for them to pack for us. Considering we were sat there for a while we could have been asked about the cakes ages ago and actually eaten the cakes at the table rather than having to go away with them.

Aside from that and not being called back at booking, the service was decent and the food was delicious.

Baby facilities:
1. High chair – provided upon request at booking
2. Changing – they provide a changing mat on a table in the bathroom at the back.

Helpful links:
Jameson’s – http://www.jamesonstearooms.co.uk/

Service – 3.0
Food – 4.0
Value – 3.5
Overall – 3.5

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