Lagan, Beeston Nottingham

At the weekend we visited Lagan with some friends of ours for a late dinner. Lagan has only been open since the first May bank holiday weekend and is where the old post office used to be on Chilwell Road in Beeston. It is a branch of Mewar Haveli in Radcliffe (we’ve never been but have been told its very good) that serves Indian tapas!

We had a table booked but upon entering we were kept waiting for about 15 minutes to be able to be seated as the restaurant was absolutely rammed. As its fairly new it wasn’t too much of a surprise but I did hear several grumblings from others who were waiting to be seated at their pre-booked tables as well. It doesn’t have a particularly large space considering its in the old post office so thats not surprising either.


Upon being seated we were told they’d come back to take our order. Drinks orders were taken where we ordered 2 mango lassis, a lemonade and a beer. The lassis were brilliant and very thick which is brilliant as sometimes you can get some really watered down versions.


However it took at least 15 minutes to actually get our food orders in. We actually had to ask 3 different waiters to take our order as there seemed to only be the 1 tablet available for taking food orders. As 2 of us were pregnant you can imagine this did not go down very well.

When we finally got hold of someone with the tablet, we ordered a vege thali, 2 meat thalis and a lamb biryani. The thalis have an offer allowing you to add on a mango lassi for £1.50 and if you’re ordering for dinner you can pick and choose which 3 little curries you want (tapas style). They each come with rice as well as naan and poppadams.

Then the LONG wait began for our food. Bearing in mind we had our table booked for 8.30pm, we were given complimentary poppadams due to the long wait for our food at 9.45pm. The first of our thalis finally arrive about 5 minutes later. By the time my biryani arrived (last dish) it was already 10pm. So thats a full 1.5 hours to actually get all our food and drink to us. In that time we all needed additional drinks as we’d finished our drinks while waiting!

There was also a mix up with the curries on the meat thalis which meant we had to get a waiter over to try and explain what each of them was so each of them could swap to have the correct ones.

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While the food was pretty decent I’d say that service definitely needs to pick up as paying £80 for 4 people was definitely not worth it for the service received as it felt like the staff were completely unable to cope with the dinner rush. Its a fairly new restaurant but you’d hope that being part of another successful branch that they’d be fairly on the ball. We shall definitely be giving them more time to get up to speed before coming back but if nothing else I’d definitely recommend the food.

Helpful links:
Lagan –

Service – 2.0
Food     – 3.5
Value    – 2.5
Overall – 2.5



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