National Trust Membership

With our little baby H on the way, Keith and I decided to join the National Trust. If you’re not familiar with it, its a charity founded in 1985 which does its best to look after coastline, forests, woods, historic houses, gardens, art collections, etc all across the United Kingdom.

The reason we joined is there are loads of National Trust properties to visit within a 20 mile radius of where we live and we figured it’d be a really good day out for us and baby H. They have various types of memberships to suit your own individual circumstances.

Individual      – £69.00 a year / £5.75 a month
Joint                – £114.00 a year (£57 per person) / £9.50 a month
Family            – £75.00 or £120.00 a year / £6.25 or £10.00 a month

Individual Life              – £1,695.00
Individual Senior Life – £1,240.00 (60 years old or older)

Joint Life                        – £2,055.00
Joint Senior Life           – £1,515.00 (at least one of the 2 adults 60 years or over)

Children under 5s go free so we chose the Joint membership. When baby H is older than 5 we will probably upgrade to the Family membership (cheaper option is for 1 adult and up to 10 children who are 17 and under whereas the other option is for 2 adults with the same number of children).

The sign up process is fairly easy on their website. You just click on the Buy, fill out some details and your membership pack arrives within 28 days. Ours arrived within 2 weeks. Your cards, car sticker and current year guide are included in the pack. In the meantime you will get an email with temporary membership cards so you can start visiting straightaway!

Its definitely a worthwhile investment if you’re planning to visit a lot of these National Trust properties as entry fees for most tend to average around £10 per adult (from what I’ve seen) so you can quite quickly make your money back just by going to a few of them a year! The National Trust also have a handy app for your phone so you don’t have to lug the guide book around while trying to decide where to go. Definitely the thing to do for plenty of interesting day trips!

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National Trust –


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