Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire (National Trust)

Last weekend we continued our tour of National Trust properties. Kedleston Hall is a lovely 18th century mansion with huge grounds. Its a short distance from Derby so is fairly easy to get to.

Upon entry to the grounds you take a slow drive up to the car park which is to the right of the house as you drive up. You then walk over to the Ticket Office to get your tickets (free of charge for members of the National Trust). You then walk through to get to the house or the grounds.

Opening Hours:
House                       – 12pm to 5pm
Park                          – 10am to 6pm
Pleasure Grounds  – 10am to 6pm
Restaurant               – 10am to 5pm
Shop                          – 10am to 5pm

A little bit about the house. It was the home of Lord Curzon who was a leading figure in the anti-suffragette movement. Apparently he also had quite a bit of OCD (interesting tidbits from the very knowledgeable and helpful staff in the house) as every room in the house had to be symmetrical (to the extent of putting in false doors in rooms) and everything had to match (from the silk lining the walls to the sofas). It was completely different to Calke Abbey which we visited the weekend before.

The sheer opulence of the house and the furnishings was amazing. It definitely wasn’t surprising that he ran out of money! This month they’re also delving into Lord Curzon’s anti-suffragette movement which was quite interesting to read. Definitely worth a visit just for that.

On the outside of the house there is also a little church where various members of the family are interred/buried. They also have an interesting book in there where you can see the family tree!

Then there are the Pleasure Grounds and the Park which you can have a wander through. There aren’t any gardens like Calke Abbey though if that’s what you’re looking for. Its more just a big park for you to walk about in or have a picnic. The grounds are manicured and beautiful with a river running through it. We actually saw a couple doing a wedding shoot in front of the house and by the river.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Its definitely a gorgeous place to visit and one that you can take the kids to for a little run round. Another highly recommend!

Helpful links:
Kedleston Hall –

Value    – 4.5
Overall – 4.5


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