The Risley Park, Nottingham

Earlier this month my husband and I visited Risley Park for our anniversary dinner. He’s been several times with his brother and father but this was my first time. Although we’d gone after 8pm it was absolutely rammed which was a good indication that its a popular place to visit.

We approached the bar to ask for a table and were told to just take a seat wherever we fancied so we settled down in a booth. Menus were brought over and we had our orders taken shortly after.

I ordered the Whole Tail Scampi (£9.25) while Keith ordered The Mighty Mixed Grill (£18.75) which he apparently always orders when he comes here. The food and drink arrived fairly quickly and was definitely freshly cooked. Fries and vegetables are placed on the table and you are able to refill the portions when you need. Considering the size of Keith’s grill I think thats very wise otherwise he’d have no room on his plate!

Whole Tail Scampi – Delicately fried whole tails of scampi served with a lemon wedge and tartare sauce
The Mighty Mixed Grill – Not for the faint hearted. An 8oz Rump steak, 4oz gammon, Cajun chicken strips, pork loin, fried egg and Cumberland wheel.
Fried mushrooms and onion rings for the mixed grill
Fries and vegetables

The atmosphere was very relaxed and there were lots of other diners having a good time from the sounds of it. There is also an outdoor seating area that looks like it would be very nice to sit in during the summer months. The food was delicious and hot and we will definitely be coming back the next time Keith has a hankering for the Mixed Grill!

Helpful links:
The Risley Park –

Service – 4.0
Food     – 4.0
Value    – 4.0
Overall – 4.0


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