Marrakesh Restaurant, Nottingham

On Saturday night we were out with friends and visited Marrakesh. This was the 2nd time I’d been as the first time was several years ago with the very same friends. Its on Chapel Bar in the city centre just off Market Square. We entered the restaurant fairly late (close to 9pm) and were seated quickly as the restaurant wasn’t full. We were sat near the back of the restaurant.

Our orders were taken fairly promptly and we settled down to wait. Food and drink didn’t take very long to arrive but requests for water had to be repeated more than once as they seem to forget we’d asked.

The food was good and the service was decent. They did forget the extra bread that we’d ordered so we had to ask for it again. Aside from that and having to request for water more than once it was fine.

However I’d state that our experience was marred by the belly dancer that suddenly appeared shortly after we’d received our food. I’m not against entertainment like this but the sheer volume of the music being blasted out over the speakers was absolutely deafening. I couldn’t even hear myself think. Also, the belly dancer insisted on coming back to our table eventhough we were very obviously not looking up at her while she danced over us as we were trying to eat our meals. It was extremely off putting.

My advice to the restaurant would be to lower the volume of the music and have the belly dancer actually read the mood of the tables she dances at. Fair enough some of the patrons really get into it but when you have a table of 4 all uncomfortably staring at their plates you should really move on to a table that will actually appreciate it. Also, if your music is deafening to the point where your customers have to shout requests for water at your staff its really too loud.

All in all if I were to return to Marrakesh it would be on a day when I’m certain there would be no belly dancers as it did not make the dining experience an enjoyable one. I’ve given Service 2.5 due to this.

Helpful links:
Marrakesh Restaurant –

Service  – 2.5
Food      – 4.0
Value    – 3.0
Overall – 3.0

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