Nottingham Street Food Club, Nottingham

Earlier this month we decided to give the Street Food Club a go. Its been open in the Intu Victoria Centre Shopping Centre for a while now but because of its location we’ve never been bothered. However, the husband saw some photos on Facebook of food served there and we thought we’d try it. We’ve also tried a similar concept in Leeds.

Its only open 4 days a week and is manned by local independent traders.

The concept is quite simple really. Its basically a food court that has several “street food” vendors on a rolling basis. So what is currently there might not be there for very long. When you walk in you’re greeted by someone who takes the time to explain the way things work. Its a fairly open space with lots of seating. There’s a bar towards the back where you can purchase drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and several stalls (believe about 4 of them can open at once).

I gravitated towards the Taste of Korea stall as I was looking for something fairly simple. The gentleman who served me was friendly and helpful. I had a simple chicken rice for £5. The husband had the El Capo Burger (£8) with Sweet Potato Fries (additional £1.50) from Smoqued Taqueria. All the stalls and bar accept debit/credit cards which makes things very convenient. Once you pay you give the vendor your name and when your food is ready you get shouted (pretty much like Starbucks).

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We purchased a large lemonade and a large coke for £5 from the bar.


The food was decent although my only complaint is that all the vendors seem to use plastic plates and cutlery. Hardly environmentally friendly.

All in all it lacks a certain something that would bring you back unless there was a specific vendor you were attracted to. Unfortunately its location would be easily overlooked as well considering its at the top of the Victoria Centre Clock Tower. In a city where there’s plenty of great restaurants the SFC has definitely not chosen an easy model.

Helpful links:
Nottingham Street Food Club –

Service – 4.0
Food      – 3.0
Value    – 3.0
Overall – 3.5

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