Hotel Chambellan Morgane, Paris

In December I was sent to Paris on a work trip. All expenses were paid for and the hotel was booked by work. I stayed at the HCM for 2 nights.

The hotel is situated at 6, rue Keppler 75116 Paris. I arrived shortly after 8pm via taxi from Gare du Nord (I took the Eurostar to Paris). Upon arrival I was greeted by a very cheery gentleman who knew who I was by name without having to even tell him. He explained all the facilities and services and quickly checked me in. He was very polite, well spoken and friendly. I am happy to say I immediately felt very welcome after such a long day of travelling. The lobby/reception area looks fairly modern and classy.

I was on the 4th floor of the hotel and took the rather small elevator upstairs. Be wary if you’re in a large party or have many bags, at one point I was in there with another gentleman and he had a bag as well and we both just fit inside comfortably.

Upon entering my room I was greeted with a fairly clean room with all the essentials required. The bed was comfortable enough and there was a little mini bar in the side table. The little desk in the corner also held the usual refreshments like tea and coffee. The bathroom was functional and modern but very small. I’m only 5ft 5in but I struggled in the shower cubicle as the roof of it slowly starts to slope above your head. If someone a lot larger and taller than me tried to shower it would be immensely difficult. I kept bumping my elbows too! The toilet is also situated in a fairly awkward position as the radiator is really close so you keep bumping your knees.

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Due to its location I highly doubt the hotel would be able to increase the capacity of anything in the rooms so just be warned if you require a large spacious bathroom, this hotel may not be for you.

If breakfast is included in your package like mine was, you can either have it downstairs in the lobby/reception or you can ring up to order it delivered to your room which was a really nice touch. It arrived within 5 minutes of me making the phone call and was a decent continental breakfast.


Although I was there for work I had some downtime to actually go walking about in Paris and found that the hotel is situated in a really convenient location. Its within a short walking distance (about 5-10 minutes depending on your walking speed) to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees which is fantastic. It is also fairly easy to get to by using the Metro. There are also lots of little shops and cafes nearby.

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Other facilities offered are the usual safe, free wifi connection (this was actually pretty decent in terms of hotel wifi standards!), flat screen tv (I couldn’t find a lot of English channels but its to be expected in France!) and air conditioning.

My only complaint would be that on the 2nd day when housekeeping had cleaned, I’m not entirely sure they did it properly as when I entered my room at the end of the day it smelled like a dirty mop/sewage water. I had to open the window in order to air it out.

My stay cost €300 for the 2 nights which really wasn’t bad considering the central location and breakfast being included.

Overall I would recommend the Hotel Chambellan Morgane to anyone looking for decent value for money in a pretty central location.

Helpful links:
Hotel Chambellan Morgane –

Sleep quality – 4.0
Cleanliness    – 3.0
Service           – 4.0
Overall           – 3.5

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