Dukling Cruise, Hong Kong

I’ve been to Hong Kong several times in my youth as it was a favoured destination of my mother who enjoys shopping. One of my earliest memories of Hong Kong was of a daytime cruise on a junk boat. As our trip back in May was to be my first trip back since I reached adulthood, and Keith’s first ever visit to Hong Kong, I was determined to book a cruise on a junk boat!

Upon searching on Google I found Dukling. You will recognise the cruise along with some of the other available junk boats by their iconic red sails. Its relatively easy to buy tickets online on their website plus it looks to be cheaper.

In May we looked at 2 evening options for the cruise. 1st option was just a simple cruise across the harbour. The 2nd option was a cruise during the Symphony of Lights. You can catch the boat from either Central or Tsim Tha Tsui. The 2nd option is slightly longer and is therefore more expensive. We chose the 2nd option from Central not knowing what the Symphony was. Our tickets were HK$280 each which at the time equated to about £56 altogether.

It leaves from Pier 9 in Central or Pier 3 in Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon. It was a short walk for us from our hotel in Sheung Wan. Upon boarding you’re given a poncho in case of rain and a choice of canned drink (beer or soft drink) as included in the price of your ticket. The boat has a capacity for 30 passengers not including the staff so there should be plenty of room to sit or even wander about the boat to take photos and take in the sights of the Hong Kong skyline.

The Dukling pulling up to the pier

The Symphony of Lights began shortly after leaving the pier. It starts daily from 8pm. The boat basically slowly chugged along in the harbour during the show. Its a lights and laser show on the Hong Kong skyline along to music which the junk boat played from speakers.

To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t have paid the extra money to watch the Symphony of Lights from the boat if I’d known what it would be like. It was very underwhelming and I grew quite bored after the first 5 minutes of it (it lasts about 13 minutes). The better way to do it would be to just pay for the cruise then line up on the harbour front at Tsim Sha Tsui outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre with the crowds to watch it for free.

Our view during the Symphony of Lights from the Dukling

The cruise itself was decent and quite enjoyable as it was a rather nice experience chugging along the harbour and taking in the sights of Hong Kong at night. Next time I would probably go on the cruise during the day to compare and hopefully take some better photos! The staff on board give you a little guided tour as well which is quite nice and they are all very polite and accommodating.

All in all I would book again with Dukling but I definitely did not enjoy the Symphony which isn’t Dukling’s fault.

Helpful links:
Dukling – https://www.dukling.com.hk/en/home/
A Symphony of Lights – http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/see-do/highlight-attractions/harbour-view/a-symphony-of-lights.jsp

Value    – 3.0
Overall – 3.0

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