Sim Cards and Travel Cards, Hong Kong

Like with Singapore, Hong Kong seem to have tried their best to make it easy for tourists for travel and communication! After some research I’d found the following:

Sim Cards

The sim cards are by csl and come in either the 5 day or the 8 day pass. We got the 5 day passes which give you unlimited calls and 1.5GB local data. Each one costs HKD88 which worked out at £8.80 each. You get 4G at all times even in the MTR which was brilliant for using Google Maps to find our way round to the various attractions we visited. We got these from the 7 Eleven near the Ibis we were staying at.

Travel Cards

The travel cards we purchased at Hong Kong airport were the Airport Express Travel Pass. We bought the 2 rides pass at it gave us a return journey between the Hong Kong airport and Hong Kong station as well 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel on the MTR, Light Rail and MTR Bus (Northwest New Territories). We only really used the MTR but it definitely came in handy!

Helpful links:
csl sim cards –
Airport Express Travel Pass –

Service – 4.0
Value    – 4.0
Overall – 4.0

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