Sheraton Heathrow Airport

As mentioned in my previous British Airways post, we had a night at the Sheraton Heathrow Airport hotel due to having to wait overnight for our flight to Malaysia.

Due to all the messing about and having to wait about for bags etc, we got on the shuttle bus to the Sheraton hotel quite late. There are plenty of shuttle buses from Heathrow T5 to all the hotels around Heathrow so its quite easy to get to from the airport. By the time we arrived at the hotel it was nearly 10pm.

Check in was quite quick and easy. All we needed to do was hand over the hotel vouchers we’d been given by BA and we were all checked in. The room was very nice and modern and its a shame we were only there under those circumstances.

We passed all 3 meal vouchers to the hotel as well as we wanted dinner and breakfast at least. Dinner was a buffet that had clearly been sat out for a while by the time we went to the restaurant at around 10pm which is fair enough considering the late hour. The food was fine as we weren’t exactly picky being so hungry so late.

Breakfast was the usual hotel buffet fare and was quite decent. We missed out on the lunch as we’d eaten breakfast quite late. After breakfast we requested a later check out as our flight wasn’t till 8.15pm and they quite readily allowed us to check out at 2pm instead of the standard 12pm which was really good of them!

All in all if I was booking into a hotel near Heathrow I’d definitely consider the Sheraton. I believe on average the price for a room per night tends to be around £100 so it might be quite steep but the room is definitely worth it as the bed is lovely and comfortable and the decor quite neutral and modern.

Helpful links:
Sheraton Heathrow Airport –

Sleep quality – 5.0
Cleanliness    – 5.0
Service           – 5.0
Overall           – 5.0

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