Merchants Restaurant, Nottingham

We visited Merchants Restaurant in the Lace Market Hotel on the Saturday before Valentines Day as an early Valentines dinner. Therefore like my previous post this is quite late so I apologise for any differences.

The restaurant was surprisingly empty at 6pm as we were the first ones to arrive. Granted it was quite early but it was still quite surprising for a Saturday evening.

Keith ordered a Long Island Iced Tea while I ordered a Mocktail. I believe it had strawberries and lemon in it which was quite delicious. We ordered 3 courses each as well. I believe they change their menu quite frequently so unfortunately I don’t have the names of the dishes we ordered.

We ordered some bread for the table to get us started. Keith’s starter was some sort of salad that had bruschetta and goats cheese. Mine was a pork belly with a fried egg. We enjoyed our starters but my only complaint about the pork belly was that it was a little too salty for my liking.

Keith ordered a beef bourguignon while I ordered a seafood risotto. The mains were quite delicious although I couldn’t finish mine as it was a rather large dish. We also ordered some sides of carrots and cauliflower cheese.

We ordered a homemade chocolate brownie & raspberry parfait and a carrot cake. Both were perfectly lovely.

Overall the food was decent and the food bill was reasonable. We were quite surprised at how expensive the cocktails were though! Keith’s Long Island Iced Tea was about £18 each which is quite overpriced. Service was acceptable and the ambience was comfortable and relaxed.

Due to the abundance of restaurants in Nottingham I wouldn’t say that Merchants particularly stood out but it was a good enough experience that we can’t complain about.

Helpful links:
Merchants Restaurant –

Service   – 3.5
Food       – 3.5
Value      – 3.5
Overall   – 3.5

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