Sinatra Bar & Restaurant, Nottingham

Yesterday evening we went to Sinatra’s as a second celebration of Keith’s birthday with his mum, stepdad and brother. We’d not been to Sinatra’s for years since the first time we’d been to celebrate our anniversary in October 2013. That makes it at least 3 years since!

Booking a table was quite easy on their website where I’d booked a table for 5. Upon arrival we were quite quickly shown to our table. The decor has changed a bit since our 2013 visit. There used to be loads of signed pictures up on the walls but its been scaled back a little to just have pictures of celebrities up on the walls. Most of the decor aside from this seems to be the same although I don’t remember much.

There were perhaps another 8-10 tables there at any time while the bar area was mostly full up. As you can imagine the noise level was quite high due to the bar area and the music but it did do a good job of adding to the ambience of a bustling city centre restaurant.

Service was quite touch and go if I’m honest. The waitress who showed us our table only had 4 menus so said she’d bring back a 5th and also some water for the table. These never materialised. It took the manager (I’m assuming this is who he was as he was dressed differently and more smartly than the rest of the staff) coming to check if we were ready to order for us to get water. Once we’d placed our order it took about 20 minutes for our starters to arrive.

Our starters were the following:

Warm goats cheese salad, roasted red peppers, apricots, herb croutons (v)
Smooth chicken liver parfait, black cherry compote, dressed salad, toasted brioche
Seasoned pork belly cubes, toasted pine nuts, cinnamon apple puree, crackling
Pan seared scallops tomato & red pepper puree, fresh figs, toasted goats cheese

The starters were gorgeous and very delicious. They were slightly unbalanced though as the scallops and pork belly cubes were quite small portions. Each of the dishes had 3 pieces each. I finished my scallops quite quickly! In comparison the chicken liver parfait and the goats cheese salad were quite hefty portions and quite filling for starters.

There was a 40 minute wait between the staff clearing the dishes and  our mains actually being served. I’d say this was quite a long wait especially since myself and my brother-in-law had the tiny portions for starters and were hungry again by the time the mains arrived.

We’d ordered the following mains:

Braised lamb shank, minted mash potato, roasted carrots & parsnips, mint jus (GF)
Pan roasted French duck breast, honey & orange mash, sauteed leeks, date puree, red wine jus (GF)
8oz rib eye steak (GF) served with house salad, roasted vine tomatoes, garlic mushrooms and hand cut chips

The mains were just as delicious as the starters. Each of our party declared their meal brilliant. All the meat was cooked well although the duck was pinker than most of us would like. The minted mash potato on the lamb shank was also a rather nice touch I was told. I enjoyed the honey and orange mash more than the duck but it was still all very delicious.

We then opted for dessert:

Vanilla creme brulee, strawberry gel, buttered shortbread
Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream
Mint chocolate tart, chocolate oil, marscapone sorbet

To nobody’s surprise the desserts were just as good as the other 2 courses. The creme brulee was lovely and smooth and sweet. Keith offered me some of his mint chocolate tart and that was a beautifully smooth and delicious dessert as well. It tasted like really rich After Eights and I’d happily have that as well.

As with most restaurants/bars Sinatra’s are running a promotion in January. All you need is the voucher below which is on their website as well as their Facebook page. All you have to do is show the photo to the member of staff who is preparing your bill. You get a 20% discount which is a pretty decent deal if you’re having 3 courses and drinks like we did.


All in all the only complaint I had was that the service seemed to be relatively poor considering there were only about 8-11 tables filled at any given time so the restaurant wasn’t even that full (there seemed to be awful lot of waiting around for stuff to be brought to us). Food was absolutely brilliant and none of us had any complaints about that. We’ll definitely return again sometime soon.

Helpful links:
Sinatra Bar & Restaurant –
Facebook page –

Service  – 3.0
Food       – 4.5
Value      -4.0
Overall   – 4.0

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