Return to ZAAP Thai Street Food, Nottingham

Its been about 8 months since our last visit to ZAAP! We decided to visit on Keith’s birthday as an impromptu visit. Upon entry it still looks as busy as ever even though it was a weekday evening. We were seated quite promptly in one of the rickshaw tables.

We both ordered Iced Milk Tea with Bubbles. It took a surprising amount of time for our drinks to arrive. The waiter actually had to come back and tell us that they were being prepared as they actually arrived after our starters.

We ordered the following starters:

1. Gai Satay – Grilled chicken on skewers with peanut sauce
5. Plamueg Chup Pang Tod – Squid in crispy batter
17. Gyoza (chicken) – Japanese style fried dumpling with chicken and vegetable filling

For mains we ordered the following:

57. Gang Ped (Gai) – Chicken in Thai red curry

65. Khow Pad Pou – Fried rice with shredded crab meat and egg

The food as usual was excellent. Really cannot fault Zaap for their quality authentic Thai food.

My only complaint yet again would be the service. As mentioned above the drinks took an awfully long time. There was also at least a 30 minute wait between finishing our starters and receiving our mains. We actually had to ask the waiter to check on our mains as other tables who had arrived midway through our meal had actually already been served. The only way we managed to avoid the usual delay in obtaining our bill was grabbing the staff the minute they came to clear our plates. And telling them we needed the credit card machine the minute they brought the bill. I therefore feel the need to downgrade their rating compared to the last time as they’ve not worked on their service at all considering its no different on a much busier Saturday or a weekday.

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Service  – 2.5
Food       – 4.0
Value      – 4.5
Overall   – 3.5

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