The Trent Lock by Vintage Inns, Long Eaton

In the interests of trying out more places close to where we live we thought we’d try The Trent Lock today. Its a pub thats located at Trent Lock, a major waterway junction where canals and rivers meet. Its run by Vintage Inns who run many pubs across the UK.

We’d booked a table online about an hour before. Their online booking system is fairly simple to navigate.

Upon arrival we had a short wait before being seated as it was quite busy. Completely understandable on a Sunday afternoon. We were then seated quite promptly. I don’t think I saw many empty tables so they were quite full up.

Our cheery waitress Shannon popped over after a 5-10 minute wait to take our drinks orders. I had a pint of Pepsi while Keith had a pint of Lemonade. After a further 5-10 minutes she returned to take our food orders. I ordered a Prawn & Lobster Cocktail (£5.75) and Wagyu Burger (£12.95) while Keith had the Oven-Baked Button & Portobello Mushrooms (£5.25) and the Roast Beef Sunday Roast (£10.95).

The Prawn & Lobster cocktail comes with avocado, lobster mayonnaise and rustic bread. This was my first taste of lobster and I wasn’t a fan but as its generally quite difficult to ruin a prawn cocktail I wasn’t disappointed by the dish. Only thing I’d comment on is the dish came with a rather large portion of butter with 2 very thin slices of rustic bread. Just seems like wastage. Unless you eat that much butter with your bread most of it would go to waste. The bread was nice and crunchy and I do wish there’d been more.

The Oven-Baked Button & Portobello Mushrooms is served in a garlic and mature cheddar sauce with rustic bread. It was delicious! I think I’d definitely order this next time unless I wanted to try something new. The garlic wasn’t too overpowering and the cheddar sauce wasn’t too thick. The mushrooms were cooked to tender perfection and it was really delicious.

My Wagyu Burger is a burger with premium beef which is specially bred for its unique texture and mouthwatering flavour, served in a brioche bun with onion chutney and triple-cooked chips. I also added Cheddar for £1.00. You can also add Thick-Cut Streaky Bacon for £1.50. It was very delicious. The beef was cooked perfectly and the brioche was light and fluffy. The onion chutney was quite sweet yet savoury as well. I was also very impressed by the triple-cooked chips. Some places tend to overcook the chips but these chips were very nice! Not too crisp due to overcooking yet not undercooked. Had some lovely seasoning on it as well!

Keith’s Roast Beef was served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. The beef was tender and pink. As Sunday lunches go he found it quite good. He’d quite happily try it again but with a different meat. They do lamb and a ricotta, spinach and red pepper tart for roast. You can also add more Yorkshire pudding for £0.50, roast potatoes for £2.50 and cauliflower cheese for £2.50.

My only gripe about our visit today would be that it took a long time between our Starters being cleared to our Mains being served. I’ll put it down to being busy at lunch time but its still a worry especially if its ever much busier than it was today. Aside from that Shannon and the staff were generally quite friendly and helpful.

Our total bill came up to about £45 which isn’t bad for 2 courses and a drink each. There’s quite a few more dishes on the menu that we’d like to try so we’ll definitely be back especially since its only a 20 minute walk from our new abode.

Helpful links:
The Trent Lock –

Service   – 4.0
Food        – 4.0
Value       – 4.0
Overall   – 4.0

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