The Bear & Lace, Nottingham

The Bear and Lace was opened in 2015 in the site of the previous Chambers Pub on Maid Marian Way. It was touted as a high end Champagne bar. I’d not personally heard about it until last year when a colleague said she was holding her engagement party there. I then booked it for the department office Christmas party on Friday the 16th of December 2016. I’ve also had my leaving do there yesterday evening (Friday the 6th of January 2017). As I have 2 separate events there I shall write this in 2 sections.

The decor is generally quite nice and you can tell they’ve really made an effort to make it a classy venue. There’s chandeliers and loads of references to bears and lace so its quite in keeping with the theme. There are even lace designs on the walls in the bathrooms! There is a bar and bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs.

The Bear and Lace do serve both food and drink and have a 2 for 1 cocktail offer running most days I believe.

Office Christmas Party 2016

We booked the party sometime in Sept/Oct. We booked it with a woman called Leah although she was replaced shortly after by a man called Glen. Staff were consistently helpful with requests including when we wanted a drinks vouchers system. We booked out the entire top floor which required a £2500 minimum spend which involved a buffet and a private bar. The buffet we requested was a £15 per person buffet for 70 people. The evening went rather smoothly.

Leaving do 2017

As I left my job at Experian yesterday I’d arranged to go to the Bear and Lace with some of my now-ex-colleagues. We’d intended to have just drinks but as some of us had to drive home after we decided to have some food as well. Only 3 of us chose to ate. We ordered a Steak and Honey Pie, Spaghetti and the Classic Sausage and Mash.

I had the Sausage and Mash. From the description it sounded relatively harmless. The sausages were of a decent quality. However I was really disappointed by the mash. It might not be obvious from the photo below but it came out looking very shiny and like plastic. The consistency wasn’t the best either as it just felt like I was trying to separate soft sticky blue tac. I couldn’t finish the mash in the end as it started to make me feel quite ill. Having to pay £12.95 for it was quite disappointing.

The other 2 of our party really enjoyed their pie and spaghetti although there was too much spaghetti to be finished! If I return to the Bear and Lace I’ll definitely be trying something else.


My only complaint about this visit is the downstairs bar seems to spend a lot of time throwing glasses about. Every so often we’d all get a fright from the ridiculously loud crash of glasses which isn’t exactly conducive to a good time out. Considering we sat right under a speaker near the bar the music couldn’t even drown it out because it was so loud.


I’d definitely book the Bear and Lace for an event as the staff were friendly, helpful and professional and very organised. As for a personal visit I’ll come back for the drinks as the one cocktail I had was quite delicious! I would also be open to trying other items on their menu although I’ll be steering clear of any dishes with the mash potato in it. So far it definitely seems like more of a drinks venue than a food venue though!

Helpful links:
The Bear & Lace –

Service   – 4.0
Food       – 3.0
Value      – 3.0
Overall   – 3.0

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