Griddle and Shake, Nottingham

On Saturday the 26th of November 2016 I went to one of the newer restaurants the Lace Market has to offer, Griddle and Shake which opened early in November. The restaurant is owned by Michelin trained chef, Ed Halls. On this occasion my husband and I went with our friend who was back in Nottingham for a quick visit. I’d been recommended this restaurant by a work colleague who really enjoyed her experience. Our experience wasn’t the best but its been over a month since we’d been so hopefully its improved since then.

The restaurant is located on Fletchergate in the Lace Market. As far as I’m aware it isn’t part of a chain or a franchise yet. Upon entering you’re greeted by some friendly staff who explain the concept. Its basically like Subway for burgers and milkshakes. Or if you’re familiar with Five Guys, they’re based on a similar concept.

The restaurant itself is set in a rather large space. In my honest opinion it was probably too large a space to start out in. Considering we’d gone in at Saturday lunch time there was maybe about 8-10 tables occupied. The decor is very open and light.

Your basically go up to the counter and order what you’d like. Their menu is split into the following categories: Burgers, Wings, Sides, Drinks & Shakes.

1. Choose your burger
There are 4 types of burgers with 2 sizes (Regular and Large). Beef, Tempeh (V), Pulled Pork and Chicken. You can add cheese (Mature Cheddar, Stilton, American or Halloumi) for £0.90 and some extras (Pulled Pork £1.20, Smoked Streaky Bacon £1.20, 3rd Patty £1.50)
2. Pick your bun
There are 3 types of bus. Brioche, Pretzel and Gluten free.
3. Top it up
These are the toppings such as lettuce, sauce, etc. These are all free.

There are 3 types available on the menu with 2 portion sizes (5 wings £4.60 or 10 wings £6.50). Buffalo Wings, Smokey BBQ Wings or House Spiced Salt Wings. All these wings come with a Blue Cheese Dip.

Neither the burgers or wings comes with any sides. This is an additional or you get a meal deal (more on this below). You can choose from Skin On Fries (Regular £2.50 or Large £3.25), Sweet Potato Fries (Regular £3.00 or Large £3.75) with additional seasoning (House Spiced Salt with no charge, Fresh rosemary & garlic oil £0.60 or Parmesan & bacon £0.80), Crispy Onions £2.50 and Mustard & yoghurt slaw £2.50.

You can choose from a variety of sodas with free refill, water, beers, ciders, juice and your usual hot drinks that consist of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The shakes are by far the most interesting part of the menu. These are ice cream shakes that are made to order. You have the regular and large sizes (£3.25/£4.45) and can choose from either Dairy ice cream or Dairy free ice cream. There are 10 different flavours that you can choose from. Add as many as you like to make any combinations that you prefer.

Meal option
This option consists of Burger and Cheese or Wings with a Side and a Soft Drink. If you want a Shake with it instead you’ll get a regular. The regular meal is £9.50 and the large meal is £11.00.

The 3 of us decided on the meal options with burgers but my husband and I had shakes with our meals. So we placed our orders then had to proceed down the production line. Although we’d already told the cashier what we wanted we still had to repeat our topping orders to the people behind the counter. Compared to the way its done at Five Guys where you basically tell the cashier what you want and they just prepare it this seemed like a waste of time. Even after the toppings had been added you still had to wait for your sides to cook so after standing around for a little bit we were told to just go sit at our table with a number so they could bring our completed meal order to us.

I’d gone for a regular meal with a Beef Burger and Mature Cheddar with a Brioche Bun, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes and Ketchup. My shake was Malteasers and Oreo Cookies. I’m afraid I cannot remember what my husband or our friend had but they were similar orders. Due to waiting for the fries the burger had already gone quite cold by the time it had arrived at our table. The patty was also quite dry. The fries were also rather overcooked and were not very appetising. The regular shake was rather small and although it was good it was simply not enough for what was quite a dry meal.

Overall I don’t think any of us would go back for a while as it seems like they have quite a few kinks to work out first. Staff were really friendly and service was decent. However when compared to the way Five Guys run their order and production line this doesn’t compare in efficiency and speed and hence meant that our food wasn’t hot and fresh. The fries were also very overcooked and compared to the amount of fries you get at Five Guys you’re not really getting value for money. It has the potential to be successful as long as they bring it up to the standards of similar popular places like Five Guys.

Helpful links:
Griddle & Shake –

Service   – 4.0
Food        – 2.5
Value       – 2.5
Overall    – 3.0

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