The Folly, Oxford

On Saturday it was my brother-in-law’s birthday so his girlfriend booked a table for us at The Folly in Oxford where they live. Its a lovely little restaurant/cafe that’s under the Folly Bridge. You go down some stairs on the Folly Bridge where you can find the restaurant. Its terrace floats on the River Thames and you can actually get on a cruise that leaves from the terrace if you so wish.

Upon arrival we were promptly led to our reserved table where we were sat overlooking the terrace and the river. It was very picturesque and cosy. Our orders were taken as soon as we were ready by a friendly waitress.

We ordered the following amongst us:


SALMON & COD FISHCAKE – with tartar sauce, pea & mint puree, lemon

2 of our party had the fishcake and both proclaimed it excellent, delicious and without the overpowering fishy taste that you can sometimes get with fishcake.

CERNY GOAT’S CURD CHEESE – with beetroot, roasted butternut, garlic aioli & hazelnuts

3 of our party had the goat’s cheese and it was apparently very smooth and delicious. Again the cheese didn’t seem to be too overpowering in taste and blended in very well.

PAN SEARED SCALLOPS – with spring onion & chorizo salsa, carrot puree

The scallops was my starter and was lovely! Tender and perfectly cooked and the carrot puree along with the bits of chorizo added more flavour and texture to the scallops.


8OZ GROUND BEEF BURGER – with melted cheddar, bacon, mixed leaves, brioche bun & french fries

I had the burger and it was a pretty decent burger. The patty was perfectly cooked and tender and I thoroughly enjoyed my main.

TRIO OF PORK – grilled fillet, pressed belly & braised cheeks, savoy cabbage, creamed mash & pork jus

3 of our party had this and all proclaimed it delicious. Apparently the pork was all cooked well and very yummy. The mash was also quite smooth and tasty. As you can hopefully see from my photo it was also quite a pretty and artfully presented dish.

RUMP OF OXFORDSHIRE LAMB – slow cooked belly, chantenay carrots & pea puree

The other 2 of our party had this and it was beautifully cooked at medium rare as they requested. Some restaurants tend to cook their meat the way the chef wants and its always nice when a chef cooks the meat the way you request. Again it was another very pretty dish with tender lamb and some rather fresh veg.



CHOCOLATE FONDANT – with vanilla ice cream

The pudding choices were an even split with 3 having the chocolate fondant with the other 3 having the cheesecake below. I tasted some of my husband’s chocolate fondant and it was as good as a chocolate fondant can get. Had the usual molten chocolate in the core of the delicious chocolate sponge and the vanilla ice cream complimented it well.

WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE – with honeycomb, banana & peanut brittle ice cream

The cheesecake was a rather interesting texture. It was almost jelly-like in texture but went brilliantly with the honeycomb base. The banana and peanut brittle ice cream was a rather surprising and delicious addition. I believe the red sauce on the plate was raspberry puree which was quite nice when mixed with the cheesecake.

Service was impeccable and very polite. There was a really small incident where one of the staff accidentally bumped my mother-in-law’s head with a tray while trying to serve us (such a small incident that the rest of us hadn’t even realised it had happened!) but without us saying anything the manager came over to try and make amends because the staff member felt so guilty! We were assured that it would never happen again and that my mother-in-law was to be given a drink on the house as an apology. It was a brilliant way to show that they actually care about their customers and we were all very impressed.

Our bill came in a hard back book which was an interesting touch.


The menu we were given stated that 1 main was £17.95, 2 courses £24.95 and 3 courses £30.95. We also saw quite a few tables having afternoon tea and only wished we were in Oxford for a longer visit so we could try it! As previously mentioned they also do several cruises on the Thames from the terrace. From memory of the pamphlet we were given with our bill, there were short cruises, slightly longer cruises, some cruises with afternoon tea (we saw a hen party disembark from one of these) and even a cruise with 3 courses. Any of these would be brilliant to do on a day like Saturday where its warm and sunny.

We had such a brilliant time at The Folly that we’d happily come back again and would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s visiting Oxford. They serve excellent food and have brilliant service.

Helpful links:
The Folly –

Service   – 5.0
Food        – 4.5
Value      – 4.5
Overall   – 4.5

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