The Hockley Arts Club, Nottingham

The Hockley Arts Club is a relatively new place having just opened at the end of 2015. We’d heard a lot about it but never had the chance to visit. Especially since we don’t really drink. My husband booked it for Sunday lunch one weekend as we wanted to give it a shot.

The entrance to the restaurant/bar is situated through a narrow alleyway thats between a hair salon (Hair Q Beauty) and an empty cake shop on Carlton Street in Hockley. At the end of the alleyway there’s a metal staircase that you take to get to the restaurant/bar. The restaurant seems to be on the 1st floor while the bar is on the ground floor. They seem to close the bar during the day.

Upon entering we’re greeted by quite an eclectic mix of decor. It could quite easily be a vintage goods shop as you see plenty of vintage decor and knick knacks. There’s actually an old till perched on a shelf and vintage lamp shades hanging from the ceilings above most of the tables.

On Sundays they have a Sunday Service menu where you can order 2 courses or 3 courses for a set price of £16.95 or £19.95.

Keith ordered a starter of Garlic & White Wine Mushrooms on Rye Toast and a Sunday lunch main of Topside of Beef. I tried to order the Sausage & Mash main (which was the only other option) but for some inexplicable reason they didn’t have them available so I had to settle for their replacement option of Fish & Chips instead. After we ate I also ordered the Classic Ice Cream Sundae.

Keith’s starter was absolutely delicious!!! The mushrooms were tender and the sauce was gorgeous. The rye toast was decent enough. I kept stealing bites of the mushrooms as it was really moreish.

The fish and chips were ok. I was still really disappointed I didn’t get to have sausages & mash especially after I’d tried some of the mash that came with Keith’s roast. The batter was quite light although it was a little greasy. The chips were decent enough.

Keith enjoyed his roast as well. The beef was tender and quite delicious. As previously mentioned the mash was really really good!

The sundae was as good as sundaes get. There were brownie bits in it as well i think. Very yummy for a warm June day.

Overall I think it was a pretty decent meal. I just find it disappointing that a restaurant that has a limited menu for Sunday Service couldn’t provide one of the 2 options on their menu. We’d like to come back at some point to try their cocktails as its apparently quite similar to the Boilermaker a few doors away and Panda & Sons, Edinburgh.

Helpful links:
The Hockley Arts Club –

Service   – 4.0
Food       – 4.0
Value      – 3.5
Overall   – 3.5

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