Patisserie Valerie, Nottingham

In the middle of June I was struck by the need to go have afternoon tea. As we were walking about in the city centre I spotted the board outside Patisserie Valerie advertising their Afternoon Tea for 2. This little cafe is situated in the council house building.

We’ve been to PV more than once. Usually we have their All Day Breakfast which is quite delicious. We’ve never had issues with service or the quality of food.

We were seated quite promptly although it was really full. Our order was taken quite quickly as well.

The teas (a pot each of English Breakfast Tea) arrived shortly after placing our order followed by the Afternoon Tea set.

The layers consist of:

Top (Patisserie)
1 x mini Victoria sandwich
2 x mini chocolate eclairs
1 x mini carrot & walnut cake slice
1 x mini mixed berry mousse slice
1 x mini double chocolate mousse slice

Middle (Scones)
2 x fruit scone
2 x plain scone
Strawberry & raspberry jam with clotted cream

Bottom (Savoury) – 2 of each
Cucumber on white bread
Smoked salmon & cream cheese on brown bread
Egg mayonnaise & cress on brown bread
Ham, spinach & mustard on white bread
Chicken, pesto & sunblazed tomatoes on brown bread
Mini vegetable quiche

The Patisserie section was a little too sweet for our liking but previous experience with PV’s cakes section has proven that all their cakes tend to be really sweet and creamy anyway.

The Scones were beautifully made (we’ve had scones before with their Madame Valerie Cream Tea option) and were delicious. I actually wished we had more than 2 scones each!

The Savouries were very nice and very moreish. The quiche was a nice little surprise and I wish we could find a full sized version of it!

It was a really interesting visit as well as the fire alarm went off mid-way thru the meal and everyone had to evacuate the whole building. The manager managed it really well trying to help customers settle their bills rather than make them wait until we could be allowed back in. When we were finally let back in we were able to finish off our afternoon tea, pay and leave.

The afternoon tea set costs £25 for 2 people although I’ve since found out that Groupon does offers for it for £19 instead. Its not the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had but it was still a pretty decent offering and I would still recommend it. I’d say its quite pricey though as there are cheaper offerings that are just as good in the city. I’d highly recommend PV for their All Day Breakfast, Madame Valerie Cream Tea and overall cafe offerings as its a lovely place to just sit and have a chat.

Helpful links:
Patisserie Valerie   :
Groupon offer         :

Service   – 4.5
Food        – 4.5
Value      – 3.0 for just this visit, 4.0 overall
Overall   – 4.0/4.5

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