OAKS, Nottingham

Last weekend we decided to give OAKS in Nottingham a go. This restaurant opened in the spring of 2015 and is in the plot right next to Zaap.

With the abundance of burger restaurants in Nottingham we’d never really been tempted to try OAKS but we thought we’d just give it a go as something new to try!

When we entered the restaurant we were greeted by some friendly staff who promptly showed us to a table. Considering it was a Saturday at lunch time it wasn’t as busy as we’d expected. This however could have been due to the sheer number of police personnel who were trying to prevent some protests and counter protests around the corner from getting out of hand.

Their menu seemed pretty basic. Lots of meat and burger options with a few vege options. We decided to have a starter and main each with a drink (a Coke each but the food prompted a re-order of Coke partway through the meal).

Baked Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and Toast

Pork Crackling

Keith really enjoyed the cheese although it was really greasy but it went really well with the accompanying bread. My crackling went down really well as it had some sort of spice (tasted like Paprika) that made it really moreish!

The Major Oak Burger : 2 x 8 oz Angus Beef Burgers, Streaky Bacon, Cheddar Cheese & Smoked Chilli Mayo

8oz Angus Beef Burger with additional Streaky Bacon and Cheddar Cheese

Hand – cut chips

All mains are served with a side of your choice. We picked hand-cut chips.

Keith liked his Major Oak Burger although it was really filling for him. My burger was decent but its definitely not “the best burger I’ve ever had”. Neither of us really enjoyed the fries though and couldn’t finish them after having the starters AND the burgers. The one thing we really enjoyed about their burgers is they actually ask you how you want them cooked so you actually get a patty cooked the way you like.

One thing I’d note as well, if at all possible, request one of the wooden tables rather than the tiled tables as the plates kept sliding round on the tiles when we were trying to cut into our food.

Service was friendly and fairly efficient. Food was decent enough but we were a little surprised when the bill came to £40.40 for the both of us as that made for quite an expensive lunch.

In conclusion, I’d definitely say OAKS is worth a try if you enjoy wood grilled food with friendly and fairly efficient service.

Helpful links:
OAKS Nottingham – http://www.oaksnottingham.co.uk/

Service   – 4.5
Food       – 3.5
Value     – 3.0
Overall  – 3.5




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