Slate Bar & Cafe, Kendal

We were in Kendal over the weekend as Keith’s childhood friend was getting married in Ambleside. The day of the wedding we’d decided to pop into Kendal to get some lunch (the wedding wasn’t till 3pm so we had loads of time to kill!). We stumbled upon Slate while trying to hide from the pouring rain!

Upon entering you’re greeted by a cosy little cafe (apparently its a cafe by day and a bar by night). If you’re looking for a heavy meal then Slate possibly isn’t the place for you as the menu comprised mostly of light lunch options like sandwiches, soups and salads. They also serve plenty of coffees and cake.

We ordered the Soup & Sandwich option. I had the Tomato & Basil soup with the Ham sandwich while Keith had the Carrot & Coriander soup with the Brie sandwich (I can’t find a menu on their website so I can’t tell you exactly what we ordered or any specific descriptions).

I also had a hot chocolate while Keith had a latte. Both our hot drinks came with a little piece of brownie that was amazing. I would’ve had a full slice if I could!

As the name suggests all our food and drink (aside from my hot chocolate) came served on slates so its a good thing they only serve light stuff. The soup obviously came served in proper containers but was sat on the slate.

Hot Chocolate
Tomato & Basil Soup with Ham Sandwich
Carrot & Coriander Soup with Brie Sandwich

If you’re looking for a quiet place to sit and have a light lunch I’d recommend Slate (during the day)!

Helpful links:
Slate Bar & Cafe –

Service   – 4.5
Food       – 4.5
Value      – 4.5
Overall   – 4.5



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