Restaurant at The Bonham Hotel, Edinburgh

We went to the Restaurant at The Bonham Hotel for our 1st wedding anniversary dinner. I’d booked it on the recommendation of some kind people on the Tripadvisor forum for Edinburgh.

When I booked it I’d mentioned in the comments what the occasion was. Upon arrival we were greeted with a smile as the lovely waitress led us to our table. A waiter then arrived with 2 glasses of Prosecco on the house! We thought this was a brilliant touch!

We each ordered 3 courses although the food was so filling! I really wish I could remember what most of these were called but unfortunately they’ve changed their menu since and its been more than a month so my poor memory will not allow me to tell you what we ordered. I only remember that I had scallops, sea bass and a lemon dessert. Keith had a goats cheese and beetroot salad, steak and a dark chocolate tart dessert.


I must say that the food was exquisite. Everything arrived promptly and still hot so it had clearly been brought out as soon as it was ready. The quality of the cooking and the ingredients could quite clearly be tasted and the presentation was great. Some places tend to focus so much on the presentation that the food is neglected but the Bonham balanced it perfectly.

The prosecco was also really good! We liked it so much we ordered a whole bottle!

Service from the waiters and waitresses was also impeccable and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Price-wise its obviously quite pricey as its definitely a higher end restaurant but you’re paying for quality food and drink and I think its completely worth it.

Hopefully someone from the Bonham sees this and tells me exactly what we’d had and I can update this post but if not, just trust me when I say you should definitely try the Restaurant at the Bonham Hotel.

Helpful links:
The Restaurant –

Service   – 5.0
Food        – 5.0
Value       – 5.0
Overall    – 5.0


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