Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

One of the biggest sights to see in Edinburgh (in my opinion) is the Edinburgh Castle which is built on Castle Rock. The castle dominates a lot of the skyline so you won’t be able to miss it.

As mentioned in my previous post, our entry ticket was included the in the Hop On Hop Off ticket we’d bought. However, if you’re only paying for this entry, the price is £16.50 per adult/£9.90 per child/£13.20 per concession. There aren’t any student prices unfortunately.

I’d recommend at least 3 hours when visiting the castle in order to see everything it has to offer. There is a complimentary guided tour included on your ticket which takes place throughout the day (they’re quite frequent and start under the clock just after the Audio Guides booth) and an audio guide which you can rent for £3.50 each (available in any language you require).

We started off with the guided tour which took us round to several levels of the castle where the very knowledgeable guide explained a lot about the history of the various parts of the castle. It was all very interesting and engaging. Once the tour was over we used the audio guides to see the various parts of the castle that had the little blue shields with the numbers on them.

There are 3 gift shops, a cafe and a tea room, and plenty of toilet facilities scattered about the castle. There are also staff scattered about the castle in case you need a hand.

We’d definitely recommend visiting some of the little museums in some of the buildings like seeing the Scottish Crown jewels! You’re not allowed to take photographs of the jewels but they’re definitely worth a visit to marvel at the beauty and majesty of them!

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For more information please see the castle’s website (link below).

Helpful links:
Edinburgh Castle – http://www.edinburghcastle.gov.uk/

Overall – 4.0

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