ZAAP Thai Street Food, Nottingham *Updated*

ZAAP opened at the end of last year in Nottingham on the ground floor of the Kaplan Residences on Maid Marian Way. Its a restaurant that serves Thai street food and this is their second branch with the first being in Leeds. Keith had visited previously with some work colleagues so decided to bring me to try it this Saturday just gone.

The entire restaurant is decked out in the style of the streets of Thailand where they have hawker food stalls. As I’m from Malaysia which is the southern neighbour of Thailand, I recognised a lot of the decorations used and it made me feel like I was in Thailand/Malaysia!

As it was a Saturday night it was understandably really busy. However it only took about 10-15 minutes for us to get seated. We were seated in a little nook in the corner that was quite private although it was still about the centre of the restaurant.

Our orders were taken quite promptly for drinks but due to the sheer amount of choice we needed quite a bit of time to decide on our food orders. Keith ordered the Iced Thai Milk Tea with Bubbles while I ordered a Coke. Upon tasting his drink I ordered an Iced Thai Milk Tea myself although without the Bubbles as I’m not a fan of chewy tapioca. Its very sweet and refreshing and would do very nicely on a hot summers day!

Iced Thai milk tea – Keith’s with chewy tapioca balls (Bubbles)

For our food orders we each had a starter and a main. Apologies for the quality of some of the photos below as they were taken on my phone and I was in quite a hurry to eat!

Keith had the Gyoza and Pork Red Curry while I had the Pork Buns and Fried Rice with shredded crab and fried egg.

17. Gyoza (Chicken) – Japanese style fried dumpling with chicken and vegetable filling
The claypot containing my starter
21. Sa La Pao Moo Daeng – Steamed bun with roasted red pork filling
The roassted red pork filling
57. Gang Ped Moo – Pork in Thai red curry
65. Khow Pad Pou – Fried rice with shredded crab meat and egg

The food was absolutely delicious! It was really worth the prices paid and came very quickly. The portions were of a decent size and meant that we both walked away quite full and satisfied.

My only complaint would be the after food service. After they’d taken our dishes away it took far too long for someone to come into view for us to ask for the bill. It was understandably busy but when you’re watching about 3-5 waiters/waitresses congregate around various tables to sing Happy Birthday to someone (we counted about 4 times while we were there) it can get incredibly frustrating when all you want to do is get someone’s attention to pay your bill. When you’re seated in a corner that’s obstructed by a pillar it’s not the easiest thing to get someone’s attention. This was my only complaint about a busy Saturday evening.

If you’re looking for authentic tasting Thai food at a decent price, ZAAP Thai should be one of your go-to restaurants. We’d definitely come back again soon!


We returned to Zaap with my parents on Saturday the 23rd of April. The food was brilliant as usual with new dishes tried this time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Again though, my only complaint is that after the meal it took a long time to actually pay so we could leave. It definitely won’t stop us from coming back again though!

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ZAAP Thai Street Food, Nottingham :

Value    – 4.5
Service -3.0
Food     – 4.0
Overall – 4.0

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