Revolution Hockley, Nottingham

Revolution Hockley is one of the many restaurant/bars that belong to the chain of Vodka Revolutions. This is our favourite as its a street down from where we live and since they refurbished the place its been a very nice place to eat and/or drink!

Our go-to meals are Bourbon Bad Boy Burger for Keith and Classic Burger with Pepperoni for me!

Bourbon Bad Boy Burger – Double beef burger basted in chipotle BBQ sauce and stacked with smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, vine tomatoes and onion rings. Served in a brioche bun with cajun dusted fries.
Classic Burger with added Pepperoni – A succulent beef burger with vine tomatoes and big easy mayo. Served in a brioche bun with fries and red slaw with added Pepperoni for £1.

As mentioned before, this particular branch has had a refurbishment. Its beautiful in there now where before it’d been quite gritty and looked like a dirty bar.


Its still a firm favourite with us and the service has always been good!

Helpful links:
Revolution Hockley –

Value    – 4.5
Service – 4.5
Food      – 4.5
Overall – 4.5

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