Pieminister, Nottingham

Pieminister opened up in Nottingham in February this year. It opened up on Long Row in Nottingham where the old Boots store used to be and apparently is able to seat 134 people. I went there tonight with a group of about 15 other people for a friend’s birthday dinner.

Pieminister’s menu is pretty simple. You have 14 Award Winning Pies for £5.00 each (Beef, Chicken, Wild Venison or Vegetarian), 5 Hot Pots for £7.50 each (these are basically pies without the pastry), 3 Salads for £8.95 each, and the option to Pimp Up Your Pie with £1.40 a stick or 3 for £4.00 (Pigs in a Blankets Stick, British Chorizo Stick, Onion Ring Stick, Halloumi Cheese Stick). You also have the usual starters, sides, puddings, etc.

As we’d pre-ordered before hand service was quite quick. Upon arrival they took our drinks orders. I must admit the drinks orders was a little hit and miss as they seemed a little thrown by the size of our group and the fact that they had to split the 16 of us into 2 tables. They actually missed me so I had to quickly call the lady server before she disappeared to put the drinks orders through.

As mentioned before, we’d pre-ordered before tonight so the servers brought our pies pretty quickly. As they used our names to pinpoint which dish belonged to each of us it made it quite easy to get the food we’d ordered.

I ordered a Chocolate Ice Cream Drink (basically a chocolate milkshake) and Fungi Chicken Pie (a free range British chicken, field and chestnut mushroom pie) and Chicken & Sherry with a side of Skin on Chips.

Chocolate Ice Cream Drink

The drink was decent enough but the portion was disappointing for £3.40. It seemed to disappear before I knew it. One of our table ordered the Vanilla Ice Cream Drink and said the exact same thing.

Fungi Chicken and Skin on Chips

The pie was a decent pie considering I don’t really like pies. The pastry was quite fluffy and I don’t think you could ask for better pastry on your pie. It was a very full pie filling-wise although the Chicken & Sherry gravy helped as I think it would have been a little too dry otherwise. The fries were decent although I couldn’t finish them as the pie was so filling!

The bill for myself came up to about a tenner which wasn’t bad considering I’d had a filling meal with a drink. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes pies and even if you don’t (like myself) its still worth giving a go.

Helpful links:
Pieminister : http://www.pieminister.co.uk/

Value    – 4.0
Service – 4.0
Food      – 4.0
Overall – 4.0

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