Coast to Coast American Restaurant & Bar, Nottingham

Coast to Coast opened up a few months ago on the ground floor of Victoria Centre Nottingham. My first impression of the restaurant was that it was basically another TGI Fridays.

We went there tonight with my brother-in-law, Adrian, who’d stopped by for some dinner with us. As we’d not been to Coast to Coast before we decided to give it a go.

Upon entering you’re greeted by an American themed decor. Everything is themed to America. There were road maps on some of the beams/walls, pictures of New York taxis, some American memorabilia tacked up on the walls very much TGI style and a lot of booths around tables. There were some brilliant American tunes being played as well so that definitely added to the ambience.


For drinks I ordered an Oreo Biscuit Thick Shake, Keith ordered a Pepsi and Adrian ordered a Sam Adams Draught Beer pint. The shake wasn’t as thick as I expected with a name like Thick Shake but it was decent enough. It was definitely a decent portion of milk shake though!

Oreo Biscuit Thick Shake

For food I had the Hot & Spicy Pizza, Keith had the 12ox Triple Stack Burger and Adrian had the Chicken Melt with the additional Beef Brisket.

Hot & Spicy Pizza

Now the Pizza section is interesting. You have a choice of 6 that you can either have as an 11 inch pizza or as a calzone! I opted for the pizza as I was interested to see how it would rate being just across the street from Inferno pizza. It definitely lived up to its name of Hot & Spicy but it was a very mediocre pizza I’m afraid. Considering I paid £11.95 for basically a normal pepperoni pizza with some chillies sprinkled on it, it was a very overpriced pizza.

12oz Triple Stack Burger

Keith’s burger was 3 4oz beef patties with pulled pork, streaky bacon and Monterey Jack cheese covered in BBQ sauce and chilli cheese sauce. It also comes with fries so he opted for Sweet Potato Fries. He found the burger decent but again overpriced as you can find cheaper burgers in Nottingham that are of better quality.

Chicken Melt with additional Beef Brisket

The Chicken Melt with additional Beef Brisket is  a grilled chicken breast topped with streaky bacon and Monterey Jack cheese, coated in signature BBQ or Buffalo sauce and served with beer-battered onion rings, fries and red slaw with an additional beef brisket for £2.50. Adrian enjoyed his meal although found it very odd that the Beef Brisket has basically been combined with the Chicken under the cheese.

One thing I’d note about their service, they tried to clear the table when I was clearly still eating. Personally I felt that this was quite rude as even if 2 out of 3 people had finished eating, you should wait until everyone had finished eating before clearing the table. Aside from this blip the rest of the service was decent enough.

They give you little jelly beans with your bill which was nice.

All in all I wouldn’t necessarily return to Coast to Coast as we felt it was quite overpriced for the type of food it was serving. Our bill came up to about £61 for the 3 of us and all we’d ordered was a main and a drink each. Overpriced mediocrity.

I would definitely choose other restaurants over Coast to Coast as cheaper and better options for a meal.

Helpful links:
Coast to Coast:

Value    – 2.0
Service – 3.0
Food      – 3.0
Overall – 2.5



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