St Lucia Whale Watching/Dolphin Spotting Excursion, St Lucia

We’d booked this activity/attraction via our British Airways booking for our honeymoon in May 2015. It was very easy however, to get more information from their website.

The attraction/activity is organised by Barefoot Holidays St Lucia. They basically chartered a boat to take the whole group out to sea in the hopes of seeing some whales and/or dolphins!

It should be noted that they do have complimentary pickups for people staying in the North part of the island. If you are staying at a hotel that is in another part of the island you will either have to book a taxi to take you to the jetty or rent a car like we did to drive there. Ensure you plan for plenty of time to get to the North part of the island as it can take a while to get there!

As we did not know where the jetty was we got in touch with Barefoot Holidays via their contact form on their website (the phones were faulty on our resort). The helpful Tamisha actually rang our reception to get them to show us where we had to go on a map!

When we arrived at the jetty we were greeted by a sizeable boat!

The party boat used for the whale watching trip

It was clearly used as a party boat when not being used for whale watching trip as it played some very party-based tunes!

They have a little bar in the bottom part of the boat which provided refreshments once the boat got far enough out to sea.

out to sea
view of the island from the boat
the Pitons
Gros Piton

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any whales or dolphins. Even though the excursion brought us to the area they generally feed, nothing surfaced. The weather started taking a turn for the worse as well on the way back so my husband ended up feeling a little unwell.

All in all, don’t expect too much if you go on this excursion as nature cannot be controlled and its not always likely that you’ll see anything. The service of the staff on the boat was great as they were friendly and the man who was narrating over the PA system pointed out parts of the island which were of interest that at least made the trip a little bit interesting while we were all staring out at the blue of the sea hopefully.

If anyone has seen any whales or dolphins while on the excursion with Barefoot Holidays I’d definitely be interested in knowing what it was like for you!

Helpful links:
Barefoot Holidays St Lucia:

Service    – 4.0
Value       – 3.0
Overall   – 3.5


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