St Lucia Sea Trek Adventure @ Pigeon Island, St Lucia

If you wanted a taster of what diving could be like I’m willing to bet that Sea Trek is the answer to that. We tried it as we’d both snorkelled before but have never dived before. Again we did this as part of our honeymoon in May 2015.

Upon our arrival at Pigeon Island, it wasn’t the easiest job to find the Sea Trek Adventure part of it. We had to ask at the gate and also look for signs. We’re lucky we showed up quite early!

Whilst we were waiting for the rest of the group

We were joined by a few other couples. Our guide ‘Stingray’ was very clear and concise on what we were to expect, the hand signals we were to use to communicate under the water, and the fact that they would always be there to help us and ensure our safety. There were at least 2 other guides that accompanied our group as well.

that’s Stingray! He’s leading us down into the water where we get our helmets put on us.

The helmet is very heavy and sits on your shoulders so you needn’t worry about having to hold on to it. In fact, as I’m not used to carrying such weight on my shoulders (its something like 6-10 kgs from what I remember) I found it quite uncomfortable and kept having to shift the helmet a little to ease the pressure on my shoulders. Compressed air is also constantly being pumped in and out of the helmet from oxygen tanks that float above you so you can breathe normally. Its quite noisy though so you won’t be able to hear anything aside from the whoosh of the air and the bubbles as the air is being released out.


Underwater helmet wefie

They take you down a gradually sloping beach so you’re slowly walking further under the water. Only downside is that because you and the group are walking on the sea floor, a lot of sand and sediment gets kicked up so sometimes visibility is awful. We didn’t really get to see more than a few fish, an eel and a crab the guide managed to catch, and some sea urchin he’d picked up to hand to us for a little bit. However its definitely an experience that everyone should try at least once as its a good experience!

Please note that there is a 4 hour flying restriction after this activity so make sure you’re not flying anywhere within the 4 hours after you’ve left the water! Also please ensure you bring your sunscreen! Another important thing to note is that there is nowhere to store your valuables on the beach. You basically have to leave your bags on the beach with the rest of their staff so I’d recommend not bringing things that are too valuable with you. One of the couples in our group had their towels go missing which wasn’t the best as they were towels from their resort.

They take really good care of you and ensure everyone is safe and having a good time. Would definitely recommend it at least once!

Helpful links:
Cox & Company St Lucia:

Service   – 4.5
Value      – 3.5
Overall   – 4.0

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