St Lucia Rain Forest Adventure, St Lucia

Rain Forest Adventure is located in Chassin in the Babonneau region found in the North East part of St Lucia. They have various available activities for you to enjoy.

The package we opted for in May 2015 was the Tranopy package. This included the Aerial Tram and the Canopy Zip Line. Looking at their website however, they no longer do this particular package. You can still pick both of these activities separately however. You can also pick a package that includes both these activities and Rainforest Trails.

Upon arrival you’re asked to read and sign terms and conditions for health and safety. As you’ll be in the rainforest they value this quite highly which is brilliant as nobody wants to have an accident on holiday!

When the rest of the group arrived we were greeted by the guides who were to accompany us on this activity. They brought out all the gear we needed. Harnesses, helmets, etc. You’re also able to get some locks from reception in order to lock any bags and valuables in a locker as you won’t be able to lug a lot of things through the rainforest especially if you’re on the Canopy Zip Line activity.

suited up! Just waiting for my helmet!

Once we all had our gear we were led to a little practice area where we were shown exactly what to expect for the Canopy Zip Line activity. We were also shown how to hook ourselves up to the zip line and what to do and not to do. We were also able to have a little practice run on a little practice area.

our friendly guides
Keith on the practice zip line

We were then led to the Aerial Tram! The trip to the end of the line takes you through the middle layer of the canopy so you’re travelling through the trees in the rainforest. On the journey the guides actually point out all the various flora and fauna that can be spotted in the rainforest. They’re really knowledgeable about everything and can answer almost all your questions!

the Aerial Tram
waiting to board
the forest 1
the forest 2
the Tram stop

Once we arrived at the tram stop we had to go on a short hike to get to the Canopy Zip Line! If you’re not very fit please ensure you tell your guides as this can be quite a strenuous hike. One of our party actually had asthma which he neglected to tell our guides about and he struggled on the way back to the tram stop after the zip line activity. However there are several different trails to take so they can take you on an easier trail if required. Along the way the guides still stop to point out and explain any interesting flora and fauna you come across.

this tree has big sail like roots to help it weather bad weather like hurricanes!
according to the guides, this is a ficus tree. Its a strangling plant that grows around a host tree and eventually absorbs and kills the host tree, taking its place!


hiking to the zip lines
getting ready to zip line!

When you get to the zip lines there are about 18 platforms that you zip between. Again, you’re accompanied by a guide on each end. One will go first in order to ensure you land on each platform safely while the other stays to ensure you’re hooking yourself up safely and correctly.


Once the course was completed, it was a short hike back to the Aerial Tram stop to begin the journey back down. This time the tram takes you through the upper layer of the canopy so you can actually get quite a view of the rainforest and the island!


One thing to note, while you’re on the tram and the zip line, you’re followed by a member of staff who takes pictures of you and the group while you’re on the Adventure. When you get back down you’re offered the chance to buy some of these photos! Also make sure you take sunscreen as the canopy doesn’t guarantee protection from the sun!

If you’d like some physical activity and a chance to learn about the biology of the island, I would definitely recommend trying out these 2 activities that we went on if not more!

Helpful links:
Rainforest Adventures:

Service   – 4.0
Value      – 4.0
Overall   – 4.0


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