ATV Tour in St Lucia, St Lucia

Our ATV tour (May 2015) was booked with Aanansi ATV Tours at Gros Islet. We booked the morning departure as we felt it would be too hot later in the day.

Upon arrival we were led into a little hut where we had a safety briefing, signed a waiver and were given the necessary equipment like helmets. You will not be allowed to ride the ATVs without helmets as the trail is quite bumpy and rough in places and there is the very real risk you might get thrown off the ATV! You are also not allowed to overtake other riders.

safety briefing and issuing of helmets

You’re then led outside to pick your ATVs and then you’re talked through how to actually use the ATVs. Once you understand how to use them, you’re led round a little practice field to practice riding them. Only once everyone has managed a couple of rounds does the tour really begin. You travel single file with a guide in front and a guide at the back.

the ATVs all lined up ready to go!

The trail takes you through the massive banana plantation. It used to be a sugar plantation hence the old sugar mill you’ll see in some of the photos below. Everytime there is something interesting to see the guide will stop the group and tell you the facts and history behind it. The trail also takes you thru some of the little villages that surround the plantation so you get to see the way some of the St Lucians live!

a water wheel building
the water wheel itself
an old sugar mill
inside the sugar mill
a view of the coast

You needn’t worry about lack of refreshment as the guides also bring a cooler along with a range of cold drinks for you to have. I would highly recommend applying the strongest sunscreen you can possibly get as the sun in St Lucia is quite brutal when you’re trundling along on these ATVs through the plantation. I ended up with quite a bad sunburn from the morning sun even though I’d liberally applied sunscreen before the ride.

This was a really fun activity to do with my husband and I would definitely recommend trying this out!

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Aanansi ATV Tours:

Service   – 4.0
Value      – 4.0
Overall   – 4.0


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