Annie’s Burger Shack, Nottingham

The first time I’d heard about Annie’s was when Annie left the Navigation Inn in Nottingham to set up her own premises in the Lace Market. I heard loads about her amazing burgers when she’d been in the Navigation Inn so was quite looking forward to trying her burgers on her own premises.

In those first couple of months, their booking system was completely ruined as so many people tried to get a table. They didn’t have a phone line to actually call in and make a booking because the phone was ringing off the hook so they had to disconnect the phone line. You could only email in to book but it took up to about 2 weeks to get a reply due to the sheer amount of emails they received. It was a testament to how popular Annie was that people were trying their hardest to get a table.

My husband and I had managed to get in a few times by either booking or queueing outside the door at opening time on a Sunday afternoon. The only thing that was disappointing about each visit was the length of time taken to bring our burgers to us.

The burgers however were without fault. Annie’s has some rather interesting burger combinations that you wouldn’t think would necessarily work. However, it pleasantly surprised us each time.

Below are a few of the burgers we’ve sampled since our first visit in 2014.

annies big breakfast burger
The Big Breakfast Burger – A burger topped with square Scottish sausage patty, thick bacon slice and a local free range fried egg, all covered with grilled mushrooms.
annies blue cheese burger
The Bacon Blues Burger – Burger topped with two thick slices of bacon and generous chunks of fine blue cheese.
annies hawaiian burger
The Hawaiian Burger – Burger topped with two smoked grilled gammon pieces, fresh grilled pineapple ring. Covered with melted Swiss cheese.
annies peppino burger
The Peppino Pizza Burger – Burger topped with marinara sauce and melted cheese, mini pepperonis. Sprinkled with Parmesan and Italian herbs.
annies single boston nibbler
The Boston Nibbler Burger (single) – The biggest yet! Double or single burgers topped with Swiss and Cheddar cheese slices, grilled pineapple, two bacon rashers, tangy American burger sauce and onion rings.
annies vermonter burger
The Vermonter Burger – A burger topped with two pancakes, crispy strips of bacon and lashings of authentic American maple syrup. Amazing.

We’ve not visited for a while but I have noted that they actually have a proper booking system now. You can Request a Table Reservation on their website or ring the mobile number thats on their website.

If all you want is burgers, Annie’s is a good place to go!

Helpful links:
Annie’s Burger Shack –

Value      : 4.0
Service   : 3.5
Food       : 4.0
Overall   :  4.0

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