Fiona Herbert Catering, Nottingham

We used Fiona Herbert Catering to cater for our wedding in April 2015. The first we’d heard of this fabulous company was when we attended our first wedding fair at Holme Pierrepont Hall. We were offered some delicious brownies as the representative gave us some details such as Fiona Herbert Catering has worked very closely with Holme Pierrepont Hall for several years now.

The first thing Fiona Herbert (the lovely woman who owns and runs this company) does is she invites you to meet with her at her office in Solihull. She talks through all your ideas, what your theme is, etc. In terms of our discussion, my husband and I had no idea about what we’d want in terms of food aside from the fact that we wanted a 3 course meal with a choice of 3 for the main course.

Based on the time of year for our wedding, Fiona basically came up with an entire menu for us. She suggested ingredients that would be in season as she locally sources all her ingredients. This would therefore be delicious and cheaper to source. As Holme Pierrepont Hall (our wedding venue) did not provide cutlery, glassware, etc., Fiona Herbert was accustomed to providing these items. We therefore discussed what we might like in terms of tableware. We were also offered the choice of whether to provide our own alcohol or for them to provide us the alcohol and the service of the bar.

Once the meeting was over, we were sent paperwork detailing what we’d discussed and given some time to think about whether we’d like to go through with the service. When we wanted to proceed with the booking we just had to pay a deposit and sign a contract.

We were also advised to book a taste testing session around the same season as our wedding so we’d be able to taste the menu we’d decided on. This would allow us to make any changes if necessary. As we’d done our booking in November 2013 we had plenty of time for this so we booked our taste testing in April 2014.

At the taste testing, Fiona cooked each dish (including the 3 choices of mains) exactly as discussed. Fiona definitely knows her food! She’s an amazing chef and she knows exactly what ingredients complement other ingredients.

Our menu was the following (sadly I don’t have photographs of all the dishes):

Breads and Accompaniments
Assorted Breads – served in 3 tiered bamboo steamer baskets
English Butter, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil – served in little glass pots

Duo of warm starters – little individual twice baked Lincolnshire Poacher cheese soufflé served on a bed of sautéed leeks with a white demi tasse cup of cream of leek soup.

Children’s option – Cheese toasties : seared ciabatta topped with melted cheese, on a simple salad with a little pot of tomato sauce

Main Course
Marinated Chump of Spring Lamb – Marinated in yoghurt, garlic and herbs, seared and then finished in the oven, served pink and sliced diagonally on a bed of spring greens tossed in lemon pepper butter, with an individual dauphinoise potato speared with a sprig of rosemary and garnished with redcurrants, drizzled with a reduced redcurrent and lamb stock jus with rosemary

Free Range Corn Fed Breast of Chicken – Roasted and sliced diagonally on a bed of spring greens tossed in lemon pepper butter, with an individual dauphinoise potato speared with a sprig of rosemary and garnished with redcurrants, drizzled with a reduced recurrant and chicken stock jus


Filo Pancake Strudel (Vege option) – Chive pancake filled with baked squash, butterbeans and spinach in a light grainy mustard sauce, wrapped in filo and then sliced diagonally, on a bed of spring greens tossed in lemon pepper butter, with an individual dauphinoise potato speared with a sprig of rosemary and garnished with redcurrants, drizzled with a reduced redcurrant and vegetable stock jus

Children’s option – Breast of Chicken : Served with roasted potatoes and a pot of buttered peas drizzled with a simple chicken stock pan gravy

Trio of Raspberry Puddings
– Chocolate Marquis : A rich chocolate pudding (no alcohol) set in a ring of chocolate garnished with a swirl of chocolate and topped with fresh raspberries
– Raspberry Cheesecake : A set cheesecake with a crushed biscuit base, marbled with raspberry puree and topped with fresh raspberries
– Raspberry Sorbet : Served in a ginger snap basket, speared with a little heart shaped shortcake biscuit and garnished with a sprig of mint


Children’s Option – Raspberry Cheesecake : Served with raspberries and drizzled with a raspberry sauce

The food was exquisite. We went away from the taste testing feeling very satisfied and happy that we’d picked the right caterer for our wedding day.

The day before the wedding, Amanda from Fiona Herbert Catering came to Holme Pierrepont Hall to set up the hall for our wedding. She had all the tables set before we’d even arrived at the Hall! She also helped me decorate the Hall while my husband dropped our cat off at the cattery.  She was lovely and friendly and so easy to talk to.

On the day of our wedding she was our Front of House Manager and ensured that all our guests’ needs were taken care of. She made sure the day ran so smoothly my husband and I didn’t have to worry about anything at all!

Our guests all marvelled at how great the service was from the Fiona Herbert waiters and waitresses. The one thing that pleasantly surprised everyone was the high standard and quality of the food and drink! As several of our guests said, you tend to find that wedding food isn’t always the best as they’ve had to provide food in bulk. However many of them remarked that this was the best wedding meal they’d had!

In summary, if you want good quality food and great service from a caterer, make sure you go with Fiona Herbert Catering!

Helpful links:
Fiona Herbert Catering –

Food      – 5.0
Value    – 5.0
Service – 5.0
Overall – 5.0

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