Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

When Keith and I got married, we had 2 weddings. The first, a British church wedding in Nottingham , UK. However, as I am Malaysian Chinese, and the first born of my family, we had to have a Chinese reception dinner in Malaysia with my side of the family and all my family’s friends.

My parents therefore decided on the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel as the venue for this dinner. We held this dinner in September 2015. As the bridal couple we were also able to stay in one of their deluxe suites!

This lovely hotel is situated in 2 high-rise buildings in Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District. It is close by to the Petronas Twin Towers and right in the centre of the city centre. You can also see the KL Tower from the Club Lounge upstairs!

Exterior entrance (photo from Tripadvisor)

Some parts of the hotel are a little dated but we were informed that they were due to refurbish the hotel as we were leaving.

The staff who were responsible for the wedding arrangements were very helpful and always available to help with any queries or changes. No matter what we asked they were eager to help and tried their very best to ensure we would be happy with the end result. When my family had the taste testing of the 10 dish menu, the chef took into account all the requests my parents made of him, including the very important note of no garlic for my allergic-to-garlic husband! They also provided us with a western menu for my father in law and his wife who’d made the journey with us!

The end result was an absolutely spectacular wedding dinner that all our friends and family really enjoyed.

Ashley & Keith 040
the backdrop with our names – the symbol above it is the Chinese character for ‘double happiness’ which has to be present at all Chinese weddings
Studio R which fits up to 20 tables (each seats 10). We had 18 tables. You can also decide what colour lights you want! We decided to have it change colours depending on what part of the evening it was.
Ashley & Keith 085
our red carpet entrance
Ashley & Keith 174
our enormous wedding cake
Ashley & Keith 195
champagne glass tower
Ashley & Keith 222
the traditional yum seng (cheers) toast!

As part of the package we used, we were given the deluxe suite as the bridal suite. We were also given a free night in the hotel which we took advantage of and upgraded that room so we could stay in the deluxe suite for 2 nights! We were also given RM150 to spend on food and/or drink in the hotel which we used to order breakfast room service on the morning of our check out.

As this was meant to be the bridal suite they definitely went all out as you can see from the photos below. Two words. Rose Explosion!

the table in the entrance hall of the suite
chocolate hearts and chocolate dipped strawberries in massive chocolate hearts
even the TV in the hall had rose petals
the bathroom counter
the bath tub
the TV in the bedroom
more petals!
and more!
and more! 2 of these roses were actually used as my hairpiece.
the bed was completely strewn in rose petals!
they actually had these personalised cushions that we could take home with us!
our lovely room service breakfasts
the pancakes and hot food warming until we were ready for them

All in all, as a wedding venue and a place to stay, I’d definitely recommend the Renaissance as the hotel to have your wedding at and stay at! Staff know how to properly take care of you and will go out of their way to ensure you get everything you paid for and more.

Helpful links:
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel –

Sleep quality    – 5.0
Cleanliness       – 5.0
Service               – 5.0
Overall               – 5.0


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