Suede Bar, Nottingham

Went to Suede in January 2016 with colleagues. Its in the Creative Quarter of Hockley, Nottingham. You’ll spot the benches made out of skateboards first as you approach it.

The interior is really quirky and the music was an interesting mix. The kitchen is basically open into the restaurant so you basically leave stinking of pizzas.

We ordered drinks and pizzas. Disappointingly for some of our party they didn’t have enough ice cream to make more than 2 milkshakes so out of 5 of us who wanted them only 2 of us were allowed. Which is surprising on a Friday night when you expect loads of people will be out. And considering there’s a Sainsbury’s Local and a Tesco Express not that far away.

Service wasn’t bad and the pizzas were decent although there are places in Nottingham that do better pizzas. The big draw for us was the fact that they were doing 50% off all food in January. although they ask that you pay at the bar when you order as apparently it gets too manic if you tried to sort stuff at your table.

My husband had Tre (Pancetta, Red Onion, Sweet Chilli infused Pineapple) while I had Otto (Chorizo, Spicy Beef, Pepperoni).

My Otto pizza

Would definitely come back if they did more 50% off. If you were just coming for drinks I think it’d be worth it but as its a small place I think you’d struggle if it got busy. Would definitely consider it for a night out rather than for food.

Helpful links:
Suede Bar –

Value      – 3.0
Service   – 3.0
Food       – 3.0
Overall  – 3.0

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