Inferno Pizza, Nottingham

We visited Inferno Pizza last weekend for some quick lunch. Its situated opposite the Victoria Centre in Nottingham.

This place has an interesting concept. Its like Subway for freshly made and baked pizza! You have 3 11 inch stone baked pizza options. Choose from Hall of Flames (6 pizzas each one at £6.95), Simple Pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella shavings and cheddar for £4.95) or Craft Your Own (£6.95)! You give your name and whether you want one of the pizzas off the menu or a Craft Your Own pizza. You can also eat in or take away.

As you shift down the line you get to choose the sauce base, cheese, meat and veg toppings. You can add anything you like and as much as you like and the price stays the same at £6.95 . They claim that you’ll get your pizza in 180 seconds (3 minutes) and you get your name called out when your pizza is ready to collect from the counter. They kept to that timing pretty well so we got our pizza pretty quickly even though there were a lot of people in the queue.

My husband had the Sunny Side Erupt (white sauce, mozzarella shavings, parmesan, bacon, bbq pulled pork, mushrooms, rocket with additional pineapple toppings) while i had a Craft Your Own (classic tomato sauce, mozzarella shavings, salami, pepperoni, chorizo, meatballs, mushrooms, pineapple and chilli flakes). I must say they were the best pizza’s we’ve had in a while. The pizza base was thin and crips and the whole thing was delicious!

Top to bottom : Sunny Side Erupt, Craft Your Own

You can also have an Inferno Coleslaw for £1.95 or an Inferno House Salad for £2.45 with your pizza if you needed more veg. Drinks-wise they have Free refill sodas (£2.50), Still/Sparking Water (£1.25), Feel Good Kids Cartons (£1.25) and Beer (£2.95 for a can and £3.95 for a bottle) which is a pretty decent selection for a simple meal out.

Its simple, delicious and it works.

We will definitely be making more visits here in the future!

Helpful links:
Inferno Pizza –

Value      – 5.0
Service   – 5.0
Food       – 5.0
Overall  – 5.0

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