Ed’s Easy Diner Nottingham Victoria Centre, Nottingham

We decided to give Ed’s a go for a late lunch on New Years Day. We assumed that it wouldn’t be that crowded which was right. Therefore you usually expect that staff would be more attentive and service would be quite good! Unfortunately we were quite wrong.

It didn’t take that long for us to be seated. However after leaving us with our menus it took at least 10-15 minutes before someone came to take our order. And even though there was at least 3 staff members just milling about it wasn’t the easiest task to get their attention. The good thing was there were plenty of American tunes playing in the background to at least entertain while we were waiting. The atmosphere is definitely in keeping with an American Diner!

My husband ordered the BIG BUBBA‘S BACON N’CHEESE hamburger plate with a Coke while I ordered the THE ORIGINAL hamburger plate with an Oreo DE-LUXE SHAKE. The good thing about the service was they actually listened to me when I asked them to not put in the pickles and the onions!

When the food finally arrived it wasn’t as good as we thought it could be. The hamburgers were quite dry and rather tasteless. I had to use quite a bit of ketchup to add some moisture and taste! The ratio of bacon and cheese to the rest of my husband’s BIG BUBBA hamburger was really poor to the point where he couldn’t really taste it. He would have preferred to have actually had THE ORIGINAL as it wouldn’t have made a difference to him.

The one good thing about my meal was the Oreo milkshake. It was really really good! It comes in this massive metal pint ‘glass’ where it fits about 3 glasses full so you just keep pouring it out into the glass they give you. That was definitely worth paying £4.95 for!

Again though the service wasn’t the best. They offer a free refill for your Coke but it took my husband about 15 minutes to actually finally get someone’s attention. It says a lot about the staff if they have perfected the art of sweeping across the restaurant without meeting your eyes.

All in all our bill came up to just above £30 but we would have gotten better food and service in the Revolution restaurant at the Cornerhouse for less money. I sincerely hope that this was merely a blip as it was New Years Day but we definitely won’t be rushing back to visit.

Unfortunately as there wasn’t anything impressive about our visit I did not feel the need to take any photographs.

Helpful links:
Ed’s Easy Diner – http://www.edseasydiner.com/

Value     – 2.0
Service  – 2.0
Food       – 2.0
Overall  – 2.0

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